Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dream series: Ice Wall

I dreamt once I was climbing a high wall of ice. It was an arduous climb from the bottom. At one point, I was so tired it was so easy to let go of the icepick and fall over the cliff, but for some reason I held on. When I finally reached the top, I wanted to lie down for while savoring my victory over death. It was a blissful awareness of being alive. Even with the paralyzing cold, the sense of fearlessness began to set in. The feeling that I can conquer anything from then on. The feeling of freedom...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Unwelcomed Night

Clock points at 6 o’clock
Written articles left behind
Descending the lighted stairs
Into the loading area I go

Standing by the pavement I wait
Cold glass of steel on my back
Fields of rice I see in the distance
Light of day fades on the hill

Shuttle chugs around the bend
Board the bus my feet propel
See of faces on their seats
Squeezed myself to fit

Opening my room
I lay down to sleep
Sliver of lights flicker by
Cars race down the h-way

Twist & turn I go
Elusive sleep so far
Shadows lengthen & fade
Mind churning, unending

Moment pass by
Morning kiss the panes
Tired eyes open, blink
Day begins turning


Oh, tortured I am
The answer I cannot find
Emptiness assails my soul
Throat parched in agony

Is this the place to be?
Unending pit of nothingness
Black shroud overhead
Glimpse beyond I cannot see

Relieve me of this pain
Fingers barely on the edge
Strength of will ebbing
The plunge so enticing

Dwelling in this empty space
Tis not my will to follow
Faith beckons me past
Dreams of hope flourish

Thursday, December 31, 2009

My heart’s sound

You affect me so
I know coz I’m here writing
Writing what I feel
The white blank wall faces me

It gives me hope
This paper hears me
The blinking keys my messenger
Hear the silent sound

This cry of mine
Extends to the air
Wish your ears hear
Wish your heart feels

This passion
I can’t describe
Moments pass without memories
I dream of your presence

Can’t take the waiting

I see you in my mind’s eyes
I miss you so
Can’t stop myself
My heart is longing for you

I wish you are here
Touching me, kissing me
Being with me
My eyes overflow with tears

I can’t explain
This life is mundane without you
Your face etched on my walls
Four walls surrounding me

Why be illusive?
I feel the emptiness
The velvet night expands
Can’t take the waiting